August Goals

I’m starting to get my feet under me with the whole parenting of two kids at once thing, and since today is the first day of a brand new month (when kids in my town started back to school … WHAT?!), I’ve decided it’s time to set a few goals.

+ Work on my revision at least 15 minutes each day … hopefully I can sneak in more, but 15 minutes is a totally manageable amount of time right now, ie, an amount of time I won’t run and hide from. I can squeeze it in during a baby nap, or after the kiddos go to bed but before I pass out from parenting exhaustion.

+30 Day Plank Challenge … ok, so there’s lots to be said about a postpartum body, but when you’re parenting two kids, the most important thing is to be strong and healthy. And today, when my toddler had a meltdown at the park while I had the baby in the wrap, I had to scoop up the toddler and haul him half a mile back to the car in the scorching heat WHILE wearing the baby. That was like, 45lbs of kid. It was immediately clear that I need to keep myself strong. So I’m hopping on iStroll’s 30 Day Plank Challenge. Join me, won’t you? Today is only 20 seconds! Easy peasy (we will not talk about day 30, when the plank is 5 minutes!)

+Read 2 books … remember when I’d easily put away 7 or 8 books in a month? HA! Those days will come again, but for this month, I’m aiming for 2.

What are your August goals?

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