The Love List: Vacation Reading Edition

Last week we were off visiting my husband’s parents in Key West, which meant lots of swimming time for my little water baby. We had a great trip (though the return flight was the closest I’ve ever come to vomiting on an airplane … holy turbulence!). So I’m just getting around to a new post for the newly named “Love List,” aka things I think that are awesome.

Infinite In Between
by Carolyn Mackler

I snagged an ARC of this one from Little Shop of Stories (thanks LSoS!) and decided to bring it for some vacation reading. Yes, I had to wrangle a tiny person for the first time ever on vacation, but I figured there would be plenty of time the grandparents would want to wrangle the tiny person. And thankfully that turned out to be true, because I sped through Infinite In Between. The novel follows 5 students from the first day of their freshman year of high school all the way through graduation. It really reads like a beautiful collection of vignettes, with lots of interwoven narratives as the characters bump into each other and just generally rotate through one another’s orbits. I really REALLY loved it. The perfect book to read for back-to-school, it’s out September 1st from HarperTeen. Get a copy!



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