Memorial Day Weekend: Our last hurrah as a family of 3?

I know, I’m blogging a lot lately. Can you believe it? I think it’s that, as I get closer to baby #2 and Freddie gets more independent, that old saying, “The days are long but they years are short” keeps echoing in my mind. It all goes so fast, and I’d really like to have a record somewhere of what it was like to be in these good and exhausting and stressful and wonderful times!

So … Memorial Day Weekend!

There was no beach vacation or epic road trips or even big plans for us this year, as my due date is fast approaching and little brother could make his debut at any moment (which of course means he won’t, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles). I almost thought I was going into labor in a Chipotle, but it turned out to just be indigestion. Drat.


Our favorite local brewpub added poutine to the menu, which is my favorite trash food item that I haven’t had an authentic version of since I left Boston (and thus couldn’t visit Montreal on the regular anymore). But this? You guys, this is real poutine, and I took this plate DOWN. If you’re passing through Macon, Georgia (and you do if you travel south from Atlanta on I-75), stop at Ocmulgee Brewpub and treat yourself. Adam says their beers are great too (I wouldn’t know, as I’ve been pregnant since they opened).

After that it was starting to bake, so we decided to hit up the university pool, where I probably scared some college girls straight (thank you GAPfit tank for hiding the enormity that is my midsection).

Freddie hadn’t been swimming since last summer, but he had a blast. And thanks to the weightlessness in the pool, I could actually hold him and play with him like I can’t on dry land. Trust me when I say this was huge for me. Also, thanks to the the water, I didn’t have a single ache or pain for the first time in many moons.


Something came over me and I decided that taking a hike around the Ocmulgee River at a local park would be a good idea (spoiler alert: it wasn’t). This was my view as I lagged behind most of the way, waddling like a drunken penguin.

And this was me after I told Adam that he needed to leave me behind in the lower lot and please for the love of God go get the car.

These are the pithy snaps you’re missing if you don’t follow my Instagram stories. Bet you’re feeling major FOMO now, huh?


We planned to wrap up the weekend with a quiet day in, mostly doing some yard work (Adam) and laying on the couch (me). But then Freddie decided he wanted to see airplanes. Um, ok? Luckily, we have a really great Museum of Aviation nearby that’s free to visit and open on Memorial Day. We went and spent a half hour playing in this helicopter before heading home for a nap (yep, one attraction, the one literally right inside the door … toddler life can be pretty simple sometimes!).

Mostly I spent the weekend reading and trying to avoid the news cycle. It’s just too much sometimes, you know? I was also thinking about all those who’ve fought to defend our freedom, including a number of members of my own family. My grandfather David Morrill was killed in Vietnam when his plane was shot down, and his body wasn’t recovered until 2003. That’s why I cringe every time I hear someone say “Happy Memorial Day,” because while the three day weekend is a great opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends, that’s not what we’re commemorating. So while I thoroughly enjoyed hanging around with my guys and soaking up the last of our days as a family of three, the reason for the weekend wasn’t far from my mind.

Oh, and of course I got some reading in! I sped through AS Green’s romance novel SUMMER GIRL, which was a fun diversion. I read my galley of Kasie West’s newest, LUCKY IN LOVE (her books are always a sweet delight), and now I’m reading Doree Shafrir’s STARTUP, which is sort of a Devil Wears Prada for the tech world. It’s juicy and I can’t put it down. I’m really looking forward to picking up WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI by Sandhya Menon, which comes out tomorrow. I’ve heard such good things and have been jonesing for it for weeks!

Did you read anything fantastic this weekend? Any fun adventures? Share in the comments!

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