Clinging to the weekend

I’ve given up trying to be productive during the week. I’m basically just at the mercy of the tiny humans, and all I can do is hang on for dear life until I crash in the evenings (they, thankfully, are pretty good night sleepers … we will not discuss the baby during the daylight hours other than to say He Who Does Not Nap is a good nickname … not a catchy nickname, but apt). But thanks to my stellar partner, I have Saturday and Sunday to … um, blog? Ok, let’s get the promote-y stuff over with first, shall we?

+Meant to Be is on sale for $1.99 for Kindle and Nook (and will be for another couple weeks, I think). As a result of said sale, Meant to Be is currently the #1 Bestseller in Teens & Young Adult Fiction about Women & Girls, which is really on-brand for me (the category, not the #1 Bestseller status … that’s more of a novelty!).

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 3.48.31 PM

+I also did this great interview for YA Interrobang (a site I love and respect for pieces like this) for their backlist series. I got to talk about my second novel, Being Sloane Jacobs, which I love and wish more people would read. In the interview, shared how roller derby and the women I skated with inspired BSJ, and how I wrote it to help girls connect with their inner badass. And while we’re on the subject, Being Sloane Jacobs is only $5.99 for Kindle, so if you feel so moved by the interview, there ya go!

Once upon a time I would have tried to write, but now Im trying to keep the toddler from touching everything and the baby from coming unhinged

+So what else is going on? 77 days until my revision deadline, and man am I having a hard time juggling writing and two kids. I’ll figure it out eventually, I’m sure, but right now it feels like I’m learning to walk all over again or something. It’s a phenomenon I should probably write about (the transition from writing with no kids to writing with one kid to writing with two), but you know … who has the time? Anyway, BETTER THAN THE BEST PLAN will get done, and it will be rad. Winter 2019. Mark your calendars.

+Speaking of time, my blogposts are just going to be bulleted, ok? Who’s got the mental energy for transitions?

Really, Target?

+Speaking of kids, this is sort of a weird shirt to put on your toddler, no? I mean, I like The Doors, and I’m pretty free-to-be in my parenting, but Morrison is a bit of a questionable role model, no?

+And finally, I just finished Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, so inspired after seeing the trailer for the movie. I liked the book (maybe a little overly-detailed in a few places), but am confused about what’s going on in the trailer for the most part. I’ve moved on to rereading Sarah Dessen’s Someone Like You.

+Speaking of reading, I bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite, because every time I try to read on my phone I wind up social media-ing myself to death. I know, exercise some self-control, Morrill. But the truth is I’m a child and I had to spend $100 to stop refreshing Instagram all day. So far I’m a fan. Also loving this cute composition notebook cover I got.

Ok,  I leave you with a question … any good Kindle deals? Always looking to feed my e-reader!

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