Top Movie Meet-Cutes


What’s a rom com without a meet cute? It’s a boring movie, that’s what it is. But what is a meet cute, exactly? Well, I’ll let one of my favorite characters in The Holiday (one of my must-watch rom coms during December … who knew I could have amorous feelings for Jack Black?) tell you all about it.

Notting Hill

Ok, this is a bit of a cheat, because this is technically the second time they met … but it’s the one that counts! And it’s such a well-executed piece of physical comedy (plus the little Pretty Woman call-back!). And while we’re at it, can we please bring back berets? The 90s are fully back, right? If we’re doing chokers, I definitely think we can work on berets.

The American President

I love the American President. I watched it over and over in college, and my roommate and I used to always stand up and cheer at the final speech (“My name is Andrew Shepherd, and I AM the President”). I also love a meet cute that starts with one character unknowingly insulting the other.  It always says a lot about both characters (what did they say? how did they react?) and usually primes them for some electrifying chemistry.

Love, Actually

Along the lines of The American President meet-cute, this one is about a character who just can’t manage to not say something embarrassing. And I think we can all agree that Hugh Grant’s little look-back here is absolute rom com perfection.


This whole movie is basically one entire meet cute (or a series of near-miss meet-cutes), so of course I had to include it. It’s Kate Beckinsale at her most ethereal, with everyone’s favorite rom com stud, John Cusack.


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One thought on “Top Movie Meet-Cutes

  1. Daisy R says:

    There are so many great meet-cutes! I love the one in The Holiday, that movie is one of my all time favs! And I love Eli Wallach explaining about them. I got to meet him once, and he was so great!

    My favorite (if I can’t pick The Holiday) is in Wimbledon.

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