Gilmore Girls Reboot, or, It’s All Just A Little Bit of History Repeating

Despite visiting family for Thanksgiving, I managed to spend my Friday hiding away, huddled over my phone watching all six hours of the Gilmore Girls reboot. From the moment Winter started, with the ghostly callbacks to old episodes, I knew that as a fan, I was in for a treat. I started my Friday morning off sobbing, and I finished off the day gasping.

So those last four words … honestly, I wasn’t a fan who’d obsessed much over them. I never tried to figure out what they were, and even as I was watching, I wasn’t thinking much about what was coming. So when Rory outed with them? Yeah, I was pretty shocked. And for about five minutes, I was straight up livid. How could that be IT? That’s all we get? But after just a little bit of thinking, I realized that the ending wasn’t at all ambiguous. Amy Sherman Palladino laid it all out for us; all we had to do was put it together.


The theme of the entire reboot was “full circle.” In Winter, when Lorelai and Emily have their fight at the funeral and Emily throws her daughter out, Lorelai says to her, “Full freaking circle.” And that theme continues, with a mini Lorelai-Rory rift (mirroring the 6th season), a Luke and Lorelai rift (mirroring the 7th season). In Fall, when Lorelai approaches Emily about expanding the Dragonfly, Emily’s words are an exact echo of Richard’s in the pilot. “You need money.” A statement, not a question. Even a new arrangement is born, with Nantucket visits a condition of the money (thought Lorelai definitely came out in the plus column on this one).

So how does this relate back to the four words?

Going full on full circle, ASP has set up Logan as Rory’s Christopher, while Jess is her Luke. That longing look Jess shot Rory through the window? That was 100% Luke watching Lorelai from behind the diner counter. And Logan with his elaborate Life and Death Brigade stunts? Reminds me of Christopher opening that Paris restaurant or setting up the drive-in on the side of the barn. Sweet and thoughtful and fun, but things he can only give his love because he’s got mad cash. And Rory visiting her father to grill him about his parenting (which, can we talk about how odd that scene was? I swear, it was like Rory and Christopher weren’t actually in the same room when they filmed it …) was all about her trying to figure out if she can Lorelai it if Logan still marries that Odette woman (ugh with Rory being ok with being the side piece for so long).

So I think if we want to fill in the future for Rory, Logan’s going to pop in and out of her life. He’ll be charming, and he’ll throw money at problems. He and Rory may even have some on-again off-again fun. But he’ll never quite be what she needs him to be. Meanwhile, Jess will remain around, steadfast and waiting, until Rory’s finally ready to be with him. He’ll be to her (and her kid) was Luke was to Lorelai and Rory, and eventually they’ll get together and read beat poets and listen to punk together forever (though hopefully it won’t take them as long as Lorelai and Luke).

Am I happy about that? Yeah. We got the best of both worlds. We got to see Logan and Rory’s incredible chemistry (which no matter what team you are, you absolutely cannot deny), plus we got to see Logan climb out of bed wearing nothing but boxer shorts. And I’ve always been a Jess fan, even though I think teenage Jess was a rotten punk who treated Rory like dirt (what can I say? I love a bad boy with good hair). He definitely redeemed himself, and continues to show that he knows how to support Rory when she really needs it (getting her to realize she needs to go back to Yale, helping her see what story she really needs to write).

Did I think the reboot was perfect? No. The casual racism of the Berta storyline was one giant cringe, as was the “can’t we borrow some gays?” The body shaming at the pool was just plain gross, and completely¬†beneath Rory and Lorelai. And Lane’s scenes were utterly weightless. ASP totally screwed Lane in the original series (literally), and she did nothing to cut her a break this time around. I wanted to see more of that vibrant, creative, fierce woman who stood by Rory’s side (even when she frankly didn’t deserve it). I loved Paris, but I hated that she had a meltdown over not-even-actual Chad Michael Murray. Where was “this great man was not brought down by my vagina?” Paris? Though I did love seeing her block the bathroom door with her spike heel. Oh, and the musical went on 5ever, and was clearly evidence of what happens when ASP doesn’t have to edit. Also, what in the ever loving my god was going on with Luke’s hair? And I could have lived without a Francie cameo.

But as a fan, I still loved it. I loved catching up with friends (I thought Dean got redeemed big time in the reboot, after being written into the personality of a dirty sweat sock by season 5). I’ve always been a sucker for the Life and Death Brigade, so again, while that scene went on for a little too long, I was still all in for it. I loved everything they did with Richard’s death. I straight up sobbed at his funeral, seeing that Chuck Berry record next to the casket. I loved Rory returning to his study to write, which I know would have made him endlessly happy. I also loved Emily giving no fucks and taking no bullshit (setting aside that awful Berta storyline). Her scene at the DAR interview (when she’s wearing that incredible blue suit? YAS!) was one of the best moments of the reboot.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go write Gilmore Girls: The Next Generation fanfic.

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