I’m such a deadbeat blogger…

No seriously, I am. But if you saw my panel at Decatur Book Festival with Leigh Bardugo and David Levithan (yeah, THAT HAPPENED!) where we talked about social media, you’ll know that I take the Ron Swanson view of all things Internet:

ron swanson

So I choose to whole ass Twitter, because that’s like the unicorn of the Internet in my mind. I love chatting about books and writing and food and tv (seriously, it’s finally fall tv time, so come chat with me!) and all the other fun and not-so-fun things about my life. Seriously, go follow me on Twitter and we’ll have funtimes.

Which means I choose to really not ass blogging at all (that was a weird sentence). I do, however, keep things fun over on Tumblr, sometimes with just fun and funny posts, bits of inspiration, and sometimes short blogs. So if you don’t follow me on Tumblr, get on over and take care of that, ok??? Why would you possibly want to miss all my Gilmore Girls gifsets?!

And finally, we’re just over three months until Being Sloane Jacobs hits shelves. You can preorder it pretty much anywhere books are sold, and if you’re a blogger or reviewer, you can find it on NetGalley. Eep! Can’t believe it’s getting so close!

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