Merry and Happy Everyone!

I know, I know, it’s been an abominably long time since I last blogged. There’s a few reasons for that… When MEANT TO BE came out, I blogged all over creation to celebrate its release! Also, I’m pretty much all over Twitter, so anyone who’s looking for updates can and should definitely go there.

But I figured today I’d pop in around these parts to wish everyone a safe, happy, and beautiful December 25th, however you choose to celebrate the day. I’m enjoying a warm holiday at home with the guy and the dog, watching a string of holiday movies, eating candy from my stocking, and smelling the sweet smells of a husband-roasted turkey.

To all of you who read MTB and blogged, tweeted, or told your buddies about it, to you I say a hearty THANK YOU!!!! And to those of you who haven’t picked it up yet but got a gift card for your holiday celebration, MTB is only a bookstore away!

I should have some fun news on the book front after the holidays, so definitely check back!

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