Let’s Party! LuLaRoe-style

Ok, so after a couple weeks of shopping and thoroughly obsessing about my comfortable and cute new clothes, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up to host an online LuLaRoe popup.

Yeah, I know.

First of all, you should know that I’m not selling anything, or signing up to sell anything. My friend and fellow YA author Jessica Love is a LuLaRoe consultant (one of many I know, it turns out!), and so I signed up to host an online pop-up with her. Picture the 1970s/1980s Tupperware parties, only this time it’s cute clothes, and instead of having you over to my house, we’re hanging out on Facebook! No pressure to buy, like when you’d show up to eat brownies at someone’s house and feel like a jerk if you left empty handed. You’ll be at home in your jammies, and no one will know if you dip in, browse, and dip out.

Ok, now here’s how the whole thing will work:

Step 1: Join the Facebook Group


There will be a temporary Facebook Group set up just for this virtual pop-up, meaning you can join to check out this sale and then you’re done! No annoying news feed clutter after, unless you get seriously obsessed and start joining other groups. Not a Facebook user? Good news! Jessica uses an app called Shop the Roe, so it’s possible, once the party goes live, to just click on that link (I’ll share it across my social media) and shop entirely through that, bypassing Facebook entirely. BUT if you’re in the Facebook group, you’ll have the chance to win cool stuff like discounts and free items.

Step 2: Shop when the sale goes live!

Shopping will start on Monday, April 10th at 8:30pm EST, and will remain available until Tuesday, April 11th at 8:30pm EST. All you have to do is scroll through, and if you see something you like, click “Claim.” When you’re finished, click “Done Shopping,” and enter your payment and shipping, and your stuff will be en route to you!

Seriously, that’s it! Two steps! Ok, surely there’s more, right? Nope, but if you’re curious or just a person who thrives on information in new situations (hi, it’s me), here’s some stuff I learned when I started this obsession …


Meet Your Girl Gang
All the LuLaRoe pieces are named after girls, and yes, people do refer to them as if they’re real people. Yes, it’s kind of weird. Also, LuLaRoe people love puns. #HowIRoe #RoeWithMe #RoeMyEyes

If you want it, grab it!
The consultant usually only has one thing in a particular pattern/size, so if you see something you like in your size, snag it! There’s not an endless supply … or even really a supply. Everything the consultant has will be shown, so there’s no secret back room stash.

With LLR, Sizing Matters … and Doesn’t
Here is a comprehensive size chart for all the items LuLaRoe sells. Most women will fit into a couple of sizes of each item, depending on how they want things to fit. You can go up a size if you want to belt something or tie it up. You can go down if you want something a little more fitted. Most everything is stretchy and forgiving. I also find this chart handy for determining if an item runs true-to-size or if you should go up/down. Basically all the tops are designed so they can be paired with leggings, meaning they’re going to cover your butt.

Full Disclosure: I’m 5’4 and normally 125lbs with a 34B chest … although that’s all gone to hell now that I’m pregnant. Anyway, I mention that to say that as a giant pregnant lady I’m wearing all my normal sizes in LuLaRoe, and they are:
Azure: Small (I may fit an XS like, six months after I have this kid, but who wants to rush that?)
Carly: XS (These run big. They recommend going down 1-2 sizes. The only thing keeping me out of an XXS is the pregnancy boobs … if you’re not rocking a big rack, you can go all the way down)
Perfect Tee: XXS … I could do an XS, but I like my tops to be a little more fitted
Classic Tee: XXS (same as above)
Monroe / Lindsey: Small (really little/slight ladies can fit the Bianca, the kid’s kimono, in a 3, which is cheaper!)
Irma: XXS (these are very long and loose through the torso, so definitely size down)
Randy: I don’t have one, since these aren’t bump friendly, but I like a looser fit so I’ll probably go Small on these

Dresses and Madison skirts are a no for me with the giant belly, but I definitely can’t wait to give them a whirl after I have this kid. Unfortunately, that means I’ve got no insight into how they fit. But there’s tons of info online if you’re curious (and I’m guessing I’ll be a small in Madison just like I am in Azure). This blog post from rock, STYLE, teach was hugely helpful when I was trying to figure out sizes.

Leggings come in two sizes: One Size (OS) or Tall and Curvy (TC). You wouldn’t think it would work, but it does. My OS leggings fit up over my 3rd trimester belly comfortably. They’ve got a nice wide waistband that’s not constricting (these are not compression leggings, fyi) that is very forgiving. The patterns range anywhere from sedate to Mrs. Frizzle, so be prepared. Solids are famously in short supply, and don’t even try to find black leggings. In LuLaRoe Land, those are referred to as “unicorns,” and yes, you can feel free to eye roll.

Pregnant? Nursing? Body in Transition?
The worst thing about postpartum life, for me, was finding clothes that fit. I felt like my body was a different size every day, I wanted nothing to do with maternity clothes, and then of course there was breastfeeding. I so wish I’d had this stuff back then (when I was buying a new pair of cheap jeans every couple of weeks), but I have it for my second go ’round! Everything I own will transition right from pregnancy into postpartum life. And even better? While I’m maybe possibly (seriously, we’ll see) getting my body back over the course of the next year, I won’t have to worry about keeping a collection of clothes in various sizes. I can wear all this stuff that whole time, and I’ll be comfortable and cute to boot!

Ok, so now what?


If you’re at all interested, just click the link and join the Facebook group, that way you won’t miss when the sale goes live (and you’ll be able to win cool stuff!). Again, there’s no pressure, and I’ve joined plenty of sales and not bought a thing. You do not have to feel weird about that. If you have any questions, ask ’em below in the comments for email me. Anyone can join the group, you can invite others to join, you don’t have to know me or read my books!

Happy shopping, LuLaLovelies! (Oh god, I’m one of them now, aren’t I….)

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