It’s been a time

Hey guys! Well, this isn’t *quite* the post I thought I’d be writing, but here we are. On Wednesday, May 31st, Adam and I welcomed Leo Fox into the world.

It was a great experience, as far as birth goes (I mean, ouch, but great). We fell immediately in love with this mellow little guy, and were eager to bring him home so we could start our lives as a family of four, which we did on Thursday. And then on Friday, his big brother Freddie was running through the house like a mad man (as 2.5 year olds are wont to do), when he stepped on a sweatshirt, skidded on the wood floor, his legs went flying, and what do you know … he broke his other leg.

Kiddo’s back in a spica cast, only this time we have a newborn to care for at the same time. Things here have gone thoroughly off the rails, though thanks to some ace assistance from my mom (who came for a week and made my house pristine), Adam’s parents (who are here now keeping Freddie entertained), and friends near and far who have made sure we don’t have to prepare a single meal, we’ve actually managed to settle into a decent groove. Leo is now 12 days old, the cast is 9 days old, and we’re just ticking by the days until we can try to get back to normal (do we even remember what that was? Jeez…).

I’m going to share Leo’s birth story at some point (I’m writing up now so I don’t forget it in the fog of newborn life + toddler broken leg). I’m going to get back to blogging about books and writing (I still have a revision for my 2019 book to do, and I’m really excited about the direction it’s taking). In the meantime, here’s some photos of adorable babies and cute (but broken) toddlers to tide you over.

This photo kills me, because it was taken minutes before the broken leg occurred. They were just getting to know each other!

Big brother helping with little brother

Snoozy little guy (don’t worry, he doesn’t sleep with the blanket!) #safesleep

Battling the terrible twos in a body cast is hard, so these moments of my smiley, happy guy are fantastic

Freddie got a quick chance to hold Leo, though not for long since the cast made it pretty difficutl

If there’s anything that’s going to make you swallow the words “newborns are so hard!” it’s simultaneously caring for a toddler in a body cast.


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