Little Brother Wishlist

We’re about three-ish months away from baby boy #2. I know, can you believe it? This one has gone a lot faster than the first (although I’ll be honest, 3 months still feels like an eternity). We’ve got the nursery partially set up (I say partially, because half of my office crap is still in there), I unpacked all the newborn clothes from their storage bin and washed them. There’s really not that much to do, because I saved EVERYTHING from our first go-’round. We still have the crib, the mamaRoo, the Rock ‘n Play, the blankets and the burp cloths. We’ve got our stroller and infant carseat and the infant bathtub. We really don’t need anything.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not lusting after some cute baby stuff. So here’s my baby #2 wishlist.


Solly Baby Swaddle Set

I’ve still got my Solly wrap (and our hand-me-down Ergo) from the first time, but I’d love to get one of these swaddle sets. They’re so light, which will be perfect for the Georgia summer (Freddie was born in October, so his blankets tend to be warmer). I’m eyeing the Succulent/Stripe set.

Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet

As new parents, our biggest hurdle the first time around was infant sleep. I distinctly remember sitting up all night that first night at home, terrified to put him down in his crib lest he flip himself over onto his face like some kind of wunderkind Russian gymnast and suffocate. I think we missed the window on getting him to sleep on his back in those early weeks, and as a result he would only snooze on me or in his mamaRoo. I’d like to avoid that this time around, and I’m thinking this portable bassinet would be perfect for him to sleep by our bed. And the sky color is so pretty!

Basically all the Aden + Anais stuff

One thing we didn’t keep were all the awesome AA bibs we had (mostly because Freddie thoroughly destroyed them), so I want to get all new ones. I love the burpy bibs in the early days, and the snap bibs after that. I also love their hooded bath towels and all their super cute summer rompers. And I’d like to get lil brother his own set of the silky soft blankets. They’re amazing when kiddos are little, because you can spread them out anywhere for a portable play area (they’re HUGE). They’re good nursing covers, good stroller covers, nice and light so they don’t get hot, and just generally fantastic utility blankets. At two and a half, Freddie loves his (he calls them his “snuggle blankets”), so they’re definitely not getting handed down. Basically adan + anais can take ALL MY MONEY.

Joovy Caboose

One thing we don’t have is a double stroller. I don’t think we’ll need a full-size one, because Freddie really likes to walk places, so I have my eye on the Joovy Caboose, a lightweight sit-and-stand stroller. I saw one in the airport recently, and watching the parents fold it up in one quick flick was awesome. I think it’ll be great for times when I take both kiddos out at once and need Freddie to be wrangled, or things like family trips to the zoo or the aquarium. Love that blue color!

The nice thing about it is that I don’t *need* any of this stuff, they’re all just mostly *wants.* There’s not much of a sense of urgency this time, or the need to pour giant amounts of money into the baby-industrial complex. But that doesn’t mean I won’t treat myself (er, the baby … I mean treat the baby).

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